General information

Contact me Clay Koala Sue, regarding your interests in lessons/workshops

Pottery Wheel

Hand building

Glazing bisque ware

HOURS vary until we are fully opened-

Wednesdays from 1230-530
Thursdays from 1230-530
Fridays from 1230-530
We can be filling and emptying kilns. 
Ring for appointments
Workshops times will vary. 

ALL Workshops-

24 hours cancellation notification is needed and another workshop will be booked to suit you.​​

 Safety reasons- please wear covered in shoes and hair tied back. Food not to be eaten near the clay and glazes.

Any problems tell staff straight away.  At Clay Koala we want you to have a FUN experience in a safe and caring environment.

Any water spillage tell staff.

Parents/carers need to fill in the information sheet about their child.

Adults to inform me of any concerns. 

Only touch your own clay creations. 

Be positive and patient. Opening a kiln is a surprise sometimes the right colour sometimes not! A reason I enjoy pottery!


There are many sites on the Internet to view.  Just search, pottery or ceramics.  

Plus -Utube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. 

I will present information to support your projects using technology and demonstrations. 

Plus I have lots of magazines for you to use at Clay Koala and paper to draw your ideas down.