About us Creative Kids Provider and Experience Qualified teacher

Clay Koala Sue

I have been creating with clay since aged 16. Starting with my high school ceramics course, Some TAFE and one on one tuition for years, when we lived on the farm. I even dug up clay on the farm and fired pots in a pit.I had classes for bisque ware cleaning and glazing too.  

 I enjoy keeping up to date with different techniques and methods. Most methods have been around for thousands of years. 

I used the playpen around me when I was using the pottery wheel to prevent my children touching the wheel.

I have taught pottery at high school and primary schools. Plus I am a member of the Port Macquarie Arts and Crafts centre and The Australian Ceramics Association. I enjoy keeping up to date with different techniques and methods. 
I was hospital and uni trained Registered Nurse and uni trained primary school  teacher and have high school experience too. Plus lots of different courses and other jobs earlier in life prior nursing and teaching. I feel these skills have given me a good understanding of what people want and I happily like to help and support your creativiity (with fun!).

Clay Koala is "a place to create" for workshops for you to learn and enjoy making your creations with clay.  


     My space styled for comfort:

  • airconditioned reverse cycle​

  • great lighting 

  • off street parking

  • flat easy access

  • opened planned

  • quiet,  we have acoustic ceiling and insulation

  • freshly painted

  • supportive and caring environment

  • tea, coffee or a cold drink

 ​   Equipment for customers to use

  • 5 pottery wheels (2 reverse) 

  • 1 large slab roller, 

  • 1  extruder

  • tools, paint, wheel tools and more

  • glazes, brush on and dipping

     Equipment for Clay Koala use only staff only

  • Hydraulic Extruder

  • 5 Kilns 

  • Pug Mill

  • 1000 plus  molds  (future mold workshop)